How to get the perfect eyebrows :)

How do you get perfect eyebrows? Well, its actually very easy, its all in your technique.

What you will need;
*** Tweezers
*** Water
*** Pencil (Something long and thin)
*** Eyebrow brush
*** Eyebrow pencil

Lets take it in steps :)

1. Dip your fingers into the water, and rub the water along your eyebrow. I know that probably sounded a bit funny, but I find that if the skin you’re plucking from is damp, it’s easier to manipulate. Then brush your eyebrow so that it’s all in place.

2. Take the pencil, and place it so one end is resting on your nostril, and the other end is resting against the inner corner of your eye; and the pencil is long enough to reach up to your eyebrow. Keeping the pencil in place, wherever it is sitting on your eyebrow is where your bore should start. Use the eyebrow pencil to mark a small, visible line.

3. Repeat step 2, however rest the pencil so that it starts on your nostril, and runs along the outer corner of your eye. Wherever the pencil sits on your brow, make another small line. This will be where your brow ends.

4. For the next step, this will determine where the arch of your eyebrow will be (this is optional, the arch is not necessary) Have the pencil resting against your nostril again, but this time, have it running along your pupil. Wherever your pencil sits on your eyebrow, is where your arch should be, make a small mark there too.

5. After you’ve made the markings, use your tweezers to pluck your eyebrows. Use the pencil markings as a guide line as to where you need to pluck. To help ease the sting of plucking, tug your eyebrow out, stretching the skin tight to help ease the slight pain. 

You can experiment a little bit and try other shapes at the start, end, or arch of your eyebrow. If you accidentally over pluck, leaving a small gap in your brow; use the eyebrow pencil to lightly fill in the gaps. :D

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